The original engine in the car was a 1600 cc Ford Crossflow as supplied by the factory with Cosworth/Holbay Head and twin 40 DCOE carburetors. We removed this engine and stuffed it in the corner of the garage while we looked for a Lotus twin cam motor with suitable modifications and upgrades for racing.

After many shopping trips to view engines we eventually found a twin cam at a Lotus Dealer in Pershore. The engine had been taken out of his formula 2 car after the owner retired the car from racing. As with many ex-racers the owner hung the car on the wall of his showroom and put the engine in a back corner of the workshop. This motor came with an all steel bottom end Farndon crank, forged pistons, BRM phase four cams and twin 45 DCOE carbs. Typical of an engine built for a formula race car it was peaky with the power band between 4500 RPM and 8500 RPM, making for constant gear changing to keep it on song and the need for extreme caution in the wet.

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