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This website provides an insight into more than twenty years of road racing a Lotus 7, going wheel to wheel with a variety of exotic British, European, and American sports cars.............and sometimes beating them! much to their surprise.

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Horsepower is not always king, especially on the short and twisty circuits, a combination of pure Colin Chapman genius in chassis design, the classic 1600cc Ford Crossflow motor, some high performance DOT legal Yokohama A048 tyres, EBC greenstuff brake pads and the car can outsprint, outperform and out manouvre many exotic sports cars which cost a great deal more.

Here is a photo from 2006, with Loretta showing a clean pair of heels to a Ferrari Dino and Sunbeam Tiger at Mission Raceway Park in British Columbia.


Its all about momentum, high speed cornering and how to put the power down before the competition.

The Lotus Seven is low to the ground (3 inches on a good day) and corners like she is on rails. Through the faster corners it is possible to achieve a nice four wheel drift, and if you get a little crossed up due to over-enthusiastic use of the loud pedal don't reach for the brakes just keep the power on and ease your way out of a spin with some opposite lock.

The seven chassis is a semi-monocoque design made with a mix of round and square tubing. The chassis closely resembles the Lotus Eleven but the seven chassis is made from smaller diameter tubing.

The front suspension is identical to the Lotus Elite double wishbone design, both having evolved from the Lotus Mark 12 Formula 2 car, as always Colin Chapman incorporated race proven design concepts to make the newer cars even better.

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