Getting Involved in Road Racing

You don't have to be a racer to enjoy grassroots motorsports.

Get involved as a track official, turnworker or in any capacity that fits your availability and other commitments.

To get involved check out the following websites:

Motorsport Emergency and Turnworker Association

Sports Car Club of BC

Here dad can be seen racing at Silverstone in 1958, the event was the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) David Brown Trophy Meeting. 

Photo taken by Charles Dunn 

How they wheeled those cars around on the skinny crossply tyres I shall never know. Today we are spoiled with amazing tyre technology which has advanced a great deal in the twenty years that I have been racing. 

Mum and dad would leave home in the car with a picnic lunch and a small assortment of spares and tools usually long before the sun rose. The windscreen, spare wheel, tools and passenger seat were taken out at the track, the Brooklands screen fitted and off to the races. 

Unfortunately this is the only photo my family has of dad's racing career, therefore if you know the whereabouts of the car or other photgraphs PLEASE let me know. 
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A tribute to Mr, opposite lock, four wheel drift, tyres a screeching for mercy Brown   

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